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  • GlycoStation Contract Analysis
  • LecChip Ver.1.0
  • Probing solution
  • Culture Media Poweredby10
  • Culture Media 001Plusoid-M
  • Culture Media G031101
  • Culture Media M061106
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Probing solution Order Quantity
Poweredby10 Order Quantity
001Plusoid-M Order Quantity
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Sample form (Contract Analysis)
  • Purified Protein Solution
  • Unpurified Protein Solution
  • Cell Lysate
  • Cell Pellet
  • Others
What's the sample type if others
Sample Quantity (Contract Analysis)
Buffer (Contract Analysis)
Sample Volume (Contract Analysis)
Number of Cells (Contract Analysis)
Storage Temp. (Contract Analysis)
  • -80C
  • -20C
  • 4C
Buffer exchange (Option)
  • Yes
  • No
Fractionation of Cell Lysate (Option)
  • Yes
  • No
Data Analysis Option
  • Full Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
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